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The 24th ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival took place in Seoul, Korea from the 20th of July to the 31st of July. It was organized with 15 world-class performances from 10 different countries to over 8, 000 audiences and various other activities including Korean-French Symposium and Roundtable on International Networking. This year, about 20 international delegates from China, France, India and Japan and over 80 artists from 15 theatre companies participated in the Summer Festival.

The Summer Festival was organized as part of the Korea-France Year 2015-2016. All of the French Productions including the opening performance, “Bounce!”, were very favourably received. Also, it included other activities of French Focus such as French Book Garden, Exhibition to “Adventures of The Little Prince” and “Let’s explore the beauty of France!” As academic activities, ASSITEJ Korea delivered Korean-French Symposium and Rountable. The Symposium was moderated by François Fogel (ASSITEJ France) and presented by Pascale Grillandini (Artistic Director of Postures), JANG Seong-hee (Professor and Playwright) and KIM Na-young (Playwright) under the topic of “The Trend of TYA in France (Why is it so dark?)”. It was such an interesting and useful time to share the ideas and various points of view with over 50 professionals attended.

Every year, many people contribute to the Summer Festival’s development and delivery. ASSITEJ Korea supporters, so called “ASSITEJ Mom”, composed of power bloggers and our volunteers made the Summer Festival even more successful and shining. The volunteers especially made a big impression on the artists, guests and audiences with their passion and efforts.

12 days were long, but also short.

The Summer Festival was memorable due to many people’s dedication and attention. ASSITEJ Korea also believes that Korean audiences kept a valuable memory and enjoyed the moment through performing arts from all over the world.

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