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4th. International Theatre for Children and Young People Researchers and Critics Forum



Teatro del Mundo Award (Buenos Aires University- 2010)

Declared of Cultural Interest by the Argentinian Parliament 2012


The 4th International Theatre for Children and Young People Researchers and Critics Forum, organized by the Theatre for Children and Young People Independent Practitioners Association (ATINA– Argentina), in collaboration with the Theatre Researchers and Critics Association (AINCRIT– Argentina), the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network (ITYARN) and supported by the Theatre for Children and Young People International Association (ASSITEJ) will be held in Buenos Aires City from July 26 – 30, 2016.

With the aim of stimulating the research in the field of TYA, this 4th forum intends to make a theoretical contribution to Theatre for Children and Young People practitioners, to promote the development of new trends as well as the integration of Ibero-American researchers into the international network. During the meeting, different theoretical frameworks on critical approach will be proposed and the role of theory in practice and practice in theory will be discussed. The 4th FORUM is expected to be a platform for exchange. The previous Forums, organized every two years, debated about: “Taboos in TYA”; “Humor in TYA” and “Aesthetics in TYA”.

The 4TH forum’s main theme will be “From theatre for Babies to Theatre for Adolescents. Is there a Theatre for Every Age Group?

TYA as an artistic discipline includes in its own definition the value of the receptor. Babies, small children, elementary and middle school children, teenagers, adolescents and young adults constitute target age groups that enrich our theatre and make it more complex. Researchers and artists agree with the idea of theatre as a universal artistic event devoted to every human being, no matter their age, but the practice with children and adolescents in the audience reveals that there are different ways of creation and different artistic works depending on the age of the receptor. Nowadays when studies about TYA are so deeply developed, these target ages, far from being rigid rules mistakenly imposed, try to be flexible and they are not thought of as rigid categories but only as approximations to the different interests and ways of being in the world of the child- adolescent, depending on the step they are going through.  Should each one of these age periods determine different aesthetics tendencies or specific artistic productions that pay special attention to the age of the spectator or can they be ignored?

Researchers and artists from Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Iran and Canada will read their papers.

María Elsa Chapato (Tandil- Argentina) and Manon van de Water (ITYARN) will be in charge of the Opening Conferences; Asaya Fujita (Japan) will present the Magistral Conference; Enrique Olmos de Ita (Spain/México); Amauri Falsetti (San Pablo, Brazil); Kenjiro Otani (Japan); Teresa Rotemberg (Switzerland) and Ana Durán (Argentina) will debate about Theatre for Adolescents; Sandra Madonni (Argentina); Gabriela Hillar (Argentina); Katariina Metsalämpi (Finland) and Marion Delpierre (Canada) will debate about Theatre for Babies.

There will be a debate with adolescents moderated by Solange Perazzo (Argentina) and TYA publications will be presented by Lola Lara and Nicolás Morcillo (ASSITEJ Spain); Manon van de Water (ITYARN); Gabriel Mació Pastorini (ASSITEJ Uruguay) and María Inés Falconi (ATINA)

The closing conferences will be lead by Manon van de Water (USA- ITYARN) and Nora Lía Sormani (Argentina- AINCRIT).

As part of the activities the organization offers a theatre program.

Readings and conferences will be held in English and Spanish simultaneously. The entrance is free of charge with previous registration.

For more information and registration:


ATINA, representative of ASSITEJ International in Argentina, has developed an intense activity since its creation in 2002. With the aim of encouraging the development of theatre for children and young people in Argentina and to promote the exchange within the international field ATINA organizes national and international festivals, forums, workshops, and other special projects like its Theatre for Children and Young People Library.

AINCRIT (Theatre Researchers and Critics Association- Argentina) was founded on 2008 and develops an intense activity in the field of theatre critic and research all around the country. From the beginning, it was its aim to integrate theatre practice and theory, favoring the joint work among theoreticians, critics and theatre workers. Open to all theoretical position, with an interest in sharing with national and international twin institutions, with its activities AINCRIT renew the values that gave sense to its creation.

ITYARN, the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network, is the international research network of ASSITEJ International. ITYARN aims to further research on theatre for young audiences (TYA) in collaboration with the University of Adger (Norway), the University of Hildesheim (Germany), Arizona State University (USA), College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), the University of Ankara (Turkey), Korean National University of the Arts (Korea).

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