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Buden Teatar would like to announce the preparation of the third edition of the Fener-International Puppet Theatre Festival, which will take place in Skopje, Macedonia, between 9 and12 September, 2016.

“Fener” in our language means “lantern”. That is what we are, and what we intend to be, a gentle light adding more enchantment to the realm of the childhood.

 Do you have an amazing, tender, inventive, heart-warming performance that you would like to share with the young Macedonian audience? Please send us a link to a full video of your performance at, no later than 15 June.

By coming to our festival, you are supporting us in our mission to introduce the Macedonian audience to the multitude of forms and expressions that puppetry has to offer. Because—psst!—this is kind of a secret, but we’ll tell you anyway: Puppetry in Macedonia is still an unchartered territory.

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