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International and “inter-suburb” Project Italy – France, 4 April – 8 May 2016

Bottega degli Apocrifi was born in 2001 in Bologna. With the political goal of cultivating the desert, in May 2004 the company transferred to Manfredonia, and here today hosts international artists.

From Niozelle, a village in the south east of France, to Manfredonia, a town in the south east of Italy. Let’s imagine a bridge that shortens the distances.

In a world full of words but increasingly less meaningful, we attempt to restore meaning in things, a sense that goes beyond frontiers, a sense capable of telling a story which holds for everyone, of longing for a future.

This project, which takes place in Manfredonia, in Puglia region, has a twofold value: on one hand, the hospitality of an artist, Luigi Rignanese, born and grown-up in France, and labelled by Libération “maitreconteur” and by Le Monde “ distiller of vigor subversive of secular stories”, by Le Proges “ a dangerous man that makes us think”, on the other hand a dive into the past, since the family of the French actor has its roots rightly in this little town at the foot of Gargano promontory, which has never seen his plays.

Moving indeed from the migrant experience of Luigi Rignanese’s family, this artistic dwelling will aim for a contamination of the languages and the artistic experiences of two acting companies, as well as a contamination of the ways to engage with both the artists from Puglia and the local community.

Fundamental stages of the project will be:

  • Meeting with migrants living in Puglia;
  • 3,4,5 May. Workshop for artists and non-artists on the elaboration of a dramaturgy of the experiences;
  • 5 -7 May. Presentation of two international plays within the School Theatre Festival “Con gliOcchiAperti. Anno 12” (With Open Eyes. Year 12): the acting company d’A is delighted to present “Le contes de la chevre” – targeted to families, “Tutti Santi! TuttiPagani” targeted to adults.