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This year, we give you at least two reasons to visit Sweden in 2016: Bibu – the Performing Arts Biennial for Youth and Swedstage!

Bibu is the largest children and young people festival in the country and gives an excellent overview of the performing arts landscape for youth in Sweden. Bibu takes place in Helsingborg on the western coast of Skåne and right next to its Danish neighbour Helsingør. The presented shows,  selected by a jury, together with a range of seminars and forums for discussion, makes Bibu a natural place for analysis and reflection on the quality, status and possibilities of the art forms.

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Another reason to visit Sweden is Swedstage 2016, taking place in Stockholm from October 23rd to 25th. Swedstage is the opportunity to see and experience the very best of Swedish performing arts for children, youth and adults. During three days you’ll be able to see 12 productions, all ready to tour internationally. We’ll also organize a pitch presenting even more producers, reception and social gatherings!


One of our main projects this year is Shadowland: Over the past few years Europe has become increasingly polarized, witnessing the spread of extreme right-wing and nationalist parties in an increasing number of countries. Anti-democratic currents are being stirred up, giving rise to a political climate that encourages violence, open racism and fear.

We wish to investigate the effects, if any, this new situation is having on the performing arts for children and youth. Has performing arts for young people embraced these issues? Are they mirrored in our repertoires? Do our performances raise questions or encourage resistance?

In the project we work for artistic development with regard to an important issue: racism and how the structures of racism can be identified and described in social discourse. Encouraging collaboration between companies and institutions in Sweden and in other countries we hope to exchange knowledge, competence and experience, strengthen the artistic work and encourage performing arts for young people to counteract racism. Through public lectures, discussions, workshops, performances and festivals we wish to promote an exchange of ideas and inspiration around issues of racism and the role of the performing arts.
As part of the Bibu – performing arts biennial for youth – May 18 – 21 in Helsingborg the project Shadowland will present performances from USA, Denmark, Germany and Norway and organize seminars, discussions and workshops. More information on

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