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The ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering (AAG) offers an annual opportunity for the international membership of ASSITEJ, artists and other stakeholders to gather in one place to explore TYA Practice – it was created to afford the possibility to explore practice; to challenge and learn from colleagues and peers, and to be inspired through exposure and networking within the field of TYA.

Details of the extensive ON THE EDGE Symposium have recently been announced. Delegates can look forward to a week packed with workshops, lectures, papers, panel discussions and more, to accompany the busy performance programme.

The theme for the ON THE EDGE Symposium is: Where are the Pioneers: Who is on the edge of practice & research?

In putting together the Symposium Programme the organisers wanted to explore what being on the edge might mean to theatre practitioners today. For some, it might be around challenging cultural boundaries, by breeching norms in choice of subject matter, or by taking work across and between different cultural contexts. For others, an edge is a meeting point where practices join, from one practice discipline to another or where ways of thinking join ways of making. For still others, the edge might be a marginal social position that theatre practices try to redress; or, it might be an institutional margin overcome by pulling organizations into networks.

Highlights of the ON THE EDGE Symposium include:

  • The ASSITEJ Artistic Encounters on 7-9 July, which explore three themes: Interdisciplinary Practice, Freedom of Speech and Artistic Identity.
    • Workshops by a host of specialist TYA practitioners including the Royal Shakespeare Company, N.I.E. Theatre, Upfront Performance Network.
    • Case-studies from the cutting edge of TYA practice e.g. Higher Education: Current Training Practices Internationally, Theatre from the Inside: Immersive Theatre Practices.
  • There will be a full and interactive programme from the ASSITEJ Networks (ITYARN, WLPG, IIAN, Small Size and Next Generation).
  • A unique event to connect with international partners through Creative Europe: Across the Borders which will include networking opportunities

The Symposium is available to delegate package holders only, although ASSITEJ members are welcome to attend the Artistic Encounters free of charge.

The Symposium is presented in association with the global ASSITEJ networks including International Inclusive Arts Network, International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network, Next Generation, Small Size and Write Local, Play Global.

To read the Symposium programme and book your space at ON THE EDGE, visit

The Symposium Programme is supported by Arts Council Ireland

ON THE EDGE is the world festival of theatre for young audiences and the ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2016, taking place 2-9 July in Birmingham, UK.

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