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We would like to honor the memory of Nat Eek, who passed away this April.

He was president of ASSITEJ from 1972-1975 and became Honorary President in 1984.

Nat Eek was one of the best Friends of ASSITEJ, not only because of his contributions to the ASSITEJ award, but also for having compiled the history of ASSITEJ in these three volumes: Discovering a New Audience for Theatre (1965-1975), Expanding the New Audience for Theatre (1976-1990), Maintaining The New Audience for Theatre (1991-2005).

Nat Eek’s ObituaryNat-Eek-books

Friends of ASSITEJ are not only those who have given a financial contribution.

The Friends of ASSITEJ are people who have remained in contact with our association and its activities, people who have never stopped collaborating and being a part of ASSITEJ.

If you want to meet the Friends of ASSITEJ, click here!

Friends of ASSITEJ is looking to become a continuous campaign and is linked directly to support the Next Generation Program.

There is a great future ahead for this Next Generation Program, but we still need your help to support emerging artists.

Thank you to all those who have been a Friend of ASSITEJ throughout the years!

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